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The Arab Publishers Rep. (APR) is Canada's one source for the leading Arabic newspaper. It is an
independent community newspapers which prides itself on being a forum for diverse points
of view on subjects of interest and relevance to the Arab Canadian community. With a circulation
directed to the third growing community in Canada,

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Arab Publisher's Rep./ The best Arabic papers in Canada with one call
Sam Wagdy: Director & Media Representative
Address: Media Building: 368 Queen St. East, # Suite 300 Toronto Ontario M5A 1T1 Canada
E-mal: arab.publishers@ymail.com - Web: http://arabnews-canada.com/arabpublishers
Phone: 416-362-0304 - Fax: 416-861-0238

Arabic is the 3rd fasted growing languages.

Over 5.5 million people in Canada speak a language other than English or French. Almost 3 million of those people live in Ontario, and more than 1.5 million live in Quebec and BC. Hundreds of media outlets cater to that population – those populations – in their mother tongue. How do you reach your audience without hours of research, often in other languages? Are you effectively reaching Canada's diverse ethnic market?

Arab Publisher's Representative for the Arabic Market

Since its establishment in 1995, Arab Publisher's Representative  through advertising has facilitated communication between clients in one side and various Arab communities on the other. Our agency has developed an expertise in planning and management of advertising campaigns.  

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